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Let It Rain

Let it Rain

Altoona, Iowa, 50009

Registrant: Mike and Jess Brown
Certified: 4/18/14
Type: Suburban
Garden Size: Small (less than 200 square feet)

Garden Detail

Host Plants:
Milkweed "Butterfly Weed" "Swamp Milkweed", Rudbeckia "Black-eyed Susan"

Nectar Plants:
Eutrochium "Joe-pye Weed", Great blue lobelia, Columbine, Foxglove beardtongue, Canada anemone, Cardinal flower, Wild geranium, White prairie clover

Other Pollinator Friendly Practices:
I do not use insecticides,I will provide over-wintering cover

What inspired you to create your garden?
It's a rain garden, but we've also added another area in our yard with native prairie plants. We chose native plants for their beauty, low maintenance, ability to withstand Iowa's crazy weather, ability to drain stormwater and for attracting pollinators and hummingbirds.

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