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Pollinator Pit Stop

Pollinator Pit Stop

Cumming , Iowa, 50061

Registrant: The Mondloch Family
Certified: 4/18/14
Type: Suburban
Garden Size: Small (less than 200 square feet)

Garden Detail

Host Plants:
Herbs - Dill, Fennel or Curly Parsley, Milkweed "Butterfly Weed" "Swamp Milkweed", Helianthus "Sunflowers", Queen Anne's Lace

Nectar Plants:
Echinacea "Coneflower", Cosmos, Zinnia, Dandelions

Other Pollinator Friendly Practices:
I do not use insecticides

What inspired you to create your garden?
I like butterflies and other pollinators, sort of magical. Want to feel like helping Mother Earth, show kids hope for future. Problems with environment seem so big, this is something small and do able, to help Nature.



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