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Duncan Prairie

Duncan Prairie


Registrant: Ron Duncan
Certified: 4/23/14
Type: Suburban
Garden Size: Extra Large (1000-4999 square feet)

Garden Detail

Host Plants:
Alcea "Hollyhock", Asters, Milkweed "Butterfly Weed" "Swamp Milkweed", Native Grasses, Rudbeckia "Black-eyed Susan", Helianthus "Sunflowers"

Nectar Plants:
Echinacea "Coneflower", Zinnia

Other Pollinator Friendly Practices:
I use natural compost for fertilization,I have provided basking areas,I will provide over-wintering cover,I have added a nectar feeder or use over-ripe fruit to supplement feeding resources

What inspired you to create your garden?
Love of prairies

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