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Davis County Master Gardeners

Davis County Master Gardeners

Bloomfield, Iowa 52537

Registrant: Davis County Master Gardeners
Certified: 6/13/14
Type: Rural
Garden Size: Small (less than 200 square feet)

Garden Detail

Host Plants:
Milkweed "Butterfly Weed" "Swamp Milkweed", Rudbeckia "Black-eyed Susan", Helianthus "Sunflowers"

Nectar Plants:
Echinacea "Coneflower", Zinnia

Other Pollinator Friendly Practices:
I do not use insecticides, I have provided basking areas, I will provide over-wintering cover

What inspired you to create your garden?
This is our second year for a vegetable community garden and we share our produce with our local senior citizens and we thought it would be fun to add the flowers and register with Plant.Grow.Fly this year and help the environment as well as bringing some attention to our community through our garden

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