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Giraffe Calf Born at Blank Park Zoo

Posted on 12/12/2016 at 04:47 PM by Ryan Bickel

​A giraffe calf was born at Blank Park Zoo on December 6, 2016. Zoo officials have named her Lizzy in memory of long-time zoo supporter Elizabeth Kruidenier. The calf weighs 136 lbs. and just over six feet tall, and has been described as very energetic.

Here is a video of the birth and the milestones the animal had to accomplish within the first minutes of life:

Here is a video from Zoo staff announcing the birth:

Here is a photo taken shortly after Lizzy was born:

Here is a photo taken a couple days after birth:

She was born six feet tall, but still has to look up to see mom:

Here is a recording of a livestream from December 12, 2016:


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