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Join Blank Park Zoo to protect wild rhinos and support the International Rhino Foundation!

Posted on 10/08/2018 at 04:25 PM by Blog Author

Just by visiting the zoo, you help protect critically endangered wild rhinos in Zimbabwe via the work of the International Rhino Foundation.

In the past decade, Rhino populations have been decimated due to illegal human poaching of rhinos for their horns (mainly for export to China and Vietnam). The poaching crisis escalated in 2008, resulting in the need to translocate animals out of unprotected areas to the protected Lowveld Region of Zimbabwe. This region is currently home to around 90% of the country’s rhinos. 

Blank Park Zoo helps to support on the ground conservation work (tracking, monitoring, veterinary care, anti-poaching patrols, community and school engagement).  These efforts have been crucial for the decrease in poaching in this region.  In 2017 in Zimbabwe, more rhinos were born than poached, resulting in a slow growth in the population.  Overall, the rhinos of Africa and Asia continue to face high poaching pressure and need our help more than ever!

            Want to appreciate an Eastern Black Rhino in person? Then visit Tumani (Happy Birthday Oct 13th!), Kiano and Ayana at Blank Park Zoo!  Find out more about rhino conservation, at the International Rhino Foundation’s website.

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