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Red River Hogs

Posted on June 15, 2021 at 8:56 AM by Blog Author

Introducing Red River Hogs
A pair of Red River hogs now call Blank Park Zoo home. The pair, named Shallot and Truffle, came to Blank Park Zoo over the winter from San Diego and live in their new home next to the rhino habitat.

“They are social and make great use of their habitat,” said Kayla Freeman, supervisor of large mammals. “They love to wallow and snuggle-up together.” Freeman added their favorite treats are nuts and mealworms.

Visitors can identify the hogs individually. Shallot, the male, is three years-old, and has warts on his muzzle, and Truffle, the 10 year-old female, does not. Many thanks to Margo and Don Blumenthal, who have made the new Red River hog habitat possible.

About Red River Hogs
Red River Hogs have a rust colored hue with a white stripe down their back. They are most active at dawn or dusk and spend their days wallowing in mud to stay cool, to protect from sunburn and bugs.

Size: 40-50 inches long
Weight: 100-285 pounds
Habitat: Dense vegetation found in rainforests, swamps, steppes and savannas
Range: Western and Central Africa
Median Life Expectancy: 15.3 years
Diet, Wild: roots, fruit, seeds, crops, grass, nuts, insects, bird eggs, reptiles, carrion, and domestic animals
Diet, Zoo: special formulated grain, fruits, vegetables, nuts, bugs, eggs, hay and alfalfa.
Reproduction: Gestation is about four months, average of three – four piglets are born. Males and Females co-parent. 
Threats: Main predators are leopards and humans. Poached for meat and seen as agricultural pest.
Conservation Status: Least Concern

Fun Facts:
They can live alone, but often live in groups called a sounder.
Their heads are lower to the ground to help them run through thick vegetation.
Baby Red River Hogs have stripes to help with camouflage.
Only African hog that is fully covered in hair and have no bare skin showing.
Red River Hogs are quick on land and in water.

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