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What Landowners & Farmers Can Do

Whiterock Conservancy

Land Changes

Try to avoid any permanent land changes in areas with a history of eagle presence. Large changes could eliminate roosting or nesting sites that eagles rely on. Landowners should watch for eagle sightings. If a nest is on your land, keep at least 400 yards away and encourage neighbors to do the same.


Although windmills offer clean energy benefits, they can also pose a threat to wildlife. To help minimize environmental impacts, consult a wildlife resource manager before finalizing plans.


Take care when using chemicals on your land. Pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals can potentially have negative effects on wildlife, their food sources and reproduction. Be sure to follow label instructions and use non-toxic alternatives when available.



Bald eagles scavenging off the ground
Pete Eyheralde, Oskaloosa, IA


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