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What Nature Lovers Can Do

Raptor Resource Project

Distance Yourself

While you are hiking, camping, boating or even just taking a stroll, enjoy the presence of eagles by staying at least 400 yards away and getting your close view with a camera or binoculars.


Nesting Sites

If you see a nesting site, keep a wide buffer as eagle parents may abandon the nest if they feel threatened, leaving the eaglets behind. You can also help by reporting any eagle nest sites you see to the DNR at

You can be trained as a volunteer eagle nest monitor. For more information, go to the DNR website:


Raptor Resource Project

Winter in Iowa

Winter is the best time to see eagles in Iowa. They start to arrive from the north around September and will continue coming through January. The heaviest concentration is usually found along the Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers because of the abundance of fish.

Eagle News

Stay informed and up-to-date on eagle news by signing up for wildlife alerts

and by keeping an “eagle-eye” on the Decorah Eagle cam.


Jim McConnell Photograph

Adopt An Eagle

You can also symbolically adopt one of Blank Park Zoo’s Bald Eagles, Liberty or Spirit, supporting their care. Go HERE to find out how.

Injured Eagles

If you see an eagle in trouble you can contact your local DNR office.

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