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Local Conservation Outreach

The Wild Bunch - Local Conservation Outreach

The Wild Bunch Team, consist of zoo staff & community volunteers, who work with local conservation organizations to develop and take action in our local community.   

Since 2014, “WILD BUNCH” volunteers have participated in the following local conservation projects:

Earth Day Trash Bash – Taking Action for our Earth!

Earth day is about action for the environment.   Teams of volunteers are placed at work site around the metro to help clear brush, pick up trash, and make Des Moines a healthy vibrate place to live! To find out more information on how you can be involved check out the Des Moines Parks & Recreation website.

UPCYCLE – Improving our Woodlands!

This program is a partnership between Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines Parks & Recreation, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and Trees Forever.  The focus of this project is to improve the health of our woodlands by removing invasive plant species, like Honeysuckles, and upcycling it into browse for the Zoo animals. Contact the Zoo’s volunteer department for more information about UPCYCLE dates and times.

Creek/Watershed Clean Up – Protecting our Waterways!

There are a few different organizations located in Polk County dedicated to keeping our water ways clean! Volunteers are vital in keeping Iowa’s lakes, streams, and rivers clean and healthy.  Check out the following websites below to learn how you can get involved:

Service Squad – The Service Squad is a volunteer corps born out of two nonprofit organizations with a passion for the environment (Iowa Rivers Revival and the Iowa Environmental Council). This group wants to DO SOMETHING. Events could include anything from Adopt a Stream duties to potluck picnics to training opportunities to tabling at events to beers with sponsors to hikes to prairie burn demonstrations and BEYOND!

Polk County Soil Water Conservation works to protect our waterways.  Their mission is to provide leadership to help people improve, conserve and sustain our natural resources while educating them about the importance and practicality of maintaining our environment and quality of life.

Prairie Seed Harvesting – Bringing back our Natural Heritage!

Native flowers and prairies are an important part of Iowa’s natural history.  Harvesting native plants helps local agencies like Polk County Conservation and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, plant sustainable prairies for our pollinators and wildlife.  

Contact For More Information

Would you like to get involved and volunteer with the Wild Bunch this year?  Contact our Volunteer Manager for more information and a calendar of events.

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