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We at Blank Park Zoo are excited to announce a new conservation initiative to help protect our native pollinators! We believe that no effort is too small and that each and every one of us can do our part to help pollinators thrive just by planting butterfly gardens in our yards!

Through the Plant.Grow.Fly. website, you will find easy, region-specific garden recipes to help you plant the flowers and grasses that our native butterflies and bees need the most. Once you plant your garden, you can register it with Plant.Grow.Fly., send us a picture of your garden and be recognized on our website, showing off your support for our Midwestern pollinators. You can even order a special sign to proudly display in your garden, grabbing the attention of your friends, family and neighbors.

Whether you plant a single pot on your back porch or an entire prairie field, YOU can make a difference! Pollinators need our help… Let’s get down and dirty, plant the seeds and watch them grow and fly!
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Photos courtesy of Nathan Brockman

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