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Roadsides as Habitat

Plant.Grow.Fly. (PGF) is Blank Park Zoo’s pollinator conservation project. Listed here are pollinator friendly mowing practices. Blank Park Zoo and The Tallgrass Prairie Center suggest delaying ditch mowing until after October 1st to ensure that pollinators have a food source and and a place to lay eggs. Thank you to the University of Northern Iowa for creating multiple brochures that provide key information about roadside vegetation management that are targeted for Iowa land. If you are interested in providing roadside pollinator habitats and would like to alert others of your practices, signage can be purchased from the links and resources below!

From Monarch Joint Venture - Mowing for Monarchs


Plant.Grow.Fly. would like to thank the University of Northern Iowa Tallgrass Prairie Center for the following materials. Find out more about thier important work at

Roadsides for Bees and Butterflies


Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management: Enhancing Iowa's Roadside Resource


Landowners and Roadsides: Frequently Asked Questions


Iowa's Mowing Law for Roadsides


Do you have invasive plants on your property? Here's a great resource for help.


For landowners that decide to provide roadside pollinator habitat here are resources and links for places signs can be purchased to post your contribution to pollinators! 

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) can provide signage to alert roadside management that no mowing and no spraying methods are being used on your property. Each county contact for the purchase of signage can be found as Further information can be provided by IRVM about right- of- way management at

Prairie Moon Nursery provides signage for those committed to native prairie planting and wildlife or those beginning a roadside pollinator habitat containing native plants. These signs provide a way to alert other management entities of landowner non-mowing and non-spraying practices. Additional information and links to purchase the signs can be found at


Generalized signage for those in the process of creating roadside habitat for pollinators or native wildlife can also purchase signage at  Personalization’s can be made to signs purchased from this source. Three sizing options can be selected to fit the needs and specifications for each landowner. 
“Pollinator Habitat Let it grow! Don’t spray! Don’t mow!” signs can also be purchased at to specify pollinator roadside habitat. 


Monarch Joint Venture also provides a resource for customizable "no-mow" signs.
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