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Alternatives to Plastic Straws

There are plenty of alternatives to single-use plastic straws, if you prefer to use one. Steel, glass, bamboo and paper are all routes that can be taken on the way to a cleaner environment. Below are some links to start you down a greener path.

Metal and silicone re-usable straws are now available at the Blank Park Zoo WildThings Gift Shop.

Bamboo options:
Jungle Straws –

Glass options:
Strawsome –
Simply Straws –

Hay Straws:
Hay! Straws –

Metal options:
Simply Straws –
Steeleys Drinkware –

Paper options:
Des Moines Supply Inc. -
World Centric –
Great Paper Straws -
Aardvark Straws -

Pasta Straws –

Corn Base Plastic (PLA) straws: 
Without access to a commercial composting facility, these straws can take anywhere from 100 to 1000 years to decompose in a landfill. This is why they are not included as a wildlife-friendly option.

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