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Learn more about Ugandan Chimpanzee Ambassadors

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The ambassadors are the one link connecting the CSWCT with the world around them. They have 3 important responsibilities: 
Chimpanzee Monitoring: The ambassadors hike through the rainforest taking notes on the chimp population and their behavior. They observe how the chimps use their habitat and how human destruction of this habitat affects the chimpanzees. 
Reforestation: The ambassadors go to each privately owned forest to document human impact. They encourage and teach the owners how to properly maintain the forest. The CSWCT grows 100,000 seedlings a year, and the ambassadors will pass these out to the owners. 
Community Education: The ambassadors visit local villages to give educational presentations about chimps and show nature DVDs. Before or after the presentation, the ambassadors host a tribal dance or soccer game. Both activities bolster their spirits and unify the villagers in the common cause of caring for the chimpanzees.

All the ambassadors believe in their cause and feel their quality of life has improved by taking part in this program. They have learned many skills such as:

  • negotiation and communication skills
  • human/wildlife conflict resolution
  • Tree identification
  • Emergency response skills  
  • Mapping skills

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