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Open 9a-5p, last admission 4p

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Open 9a-5p, last admission 4p

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At Home Lessons

Looking for something to do while at home?  Blank Park Zoo has a number of lessons available below, suitable for ages 2 all the way through 8th grade. Depending on the age group, lessons can include guiding questions, crafts, stem activities, or snacks that you can make at home. Click on the lesson plans you would like below.

Ages 1-2


Ages 2-4

Bird Watchers
Fishy Fanatics
Tree Dwellers
Turtle Tracks
Colorful Creatures
Home Sweet Home
Rainforest Rock
Squeak, Squawk, Squeal

Ages 5-6

Herp, Herp, Hooray
Nature Detectives
Night Time Explorers
Animal Babies
Critter Keepers
Ocean Commotion
Polar Plunge

Grades 1-2

Where in the World
What's that smell...
Art in the Wild!
What is an Adaptation

Grades 3-4

Zoo Habitats
Water Wonders
Pollinator Power!
Antarctic Adventures Part 1
Antarctic Adventures Part 2
Night Owls

Grades 5-6

Backyard Heroes
Animal Adaptations

Grades 7-8

Shark 'Week'
Animal Extremes

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