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Open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission: $14 Adult | $8 Child

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Open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission: $14 Adult | $8 Child

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Zoo Tots Cooking

Zoo Tots Cooking classes have returned for Spring 2019!

These classes are designed for children ages 2-4 yrs with an accompanying adult.

Zoo Tots Cooking

Don’t miss out on these exciting cooking lessons right here at the Zoo with all of your animal friends.  Each week, you and your toddler will make a creative, tasty treat and participate in fun activities.  These classes also include stories, activities, zoo exploration, and crafts.  Cooking classes last a little over an hour and are held alternating Thursdays through Saturdays. Times vary and are included on the registration page.   

Class Details

All Zoo Tots Cooking classes are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and are available for two to four year olds with an accompanying adult.

The regular cost to enroll you and your child in a class is $16.00 and includes admission to the Zoo for the day. Blank Park Zoo members enjoy a discounted rate of $10. 

Classes are the same during each theme week, so please register for only one class per week.

Registration and pre-payment are required.



**** Wheat products and gluten ingredients will be used in cooking classes

Jan 10-12: Bear Tracks

What big paws you have…, as we learn all about bears and hibernation, we will transform a delicious cookie into a bear paw!

Jan 24-26: Hedgehog Taco

These tasty tacos couldn’t be any cuter!  Today, we will learn all about hedgehogs, why they are so pokey, and even practice curling our bodies up into a ball the way hedgehogs do.

Feb 7-9: Otter Cupcakes

These cupcakes are bound to be OTTERly adorable.  As we stack candies on a cupcake to create an otter, we will also discover what it would be like to flash through the water with webbed feet, a strong tail, and waterproof fur! 

Feb 21-23: Monkey Bread

It’s ok to monkey around in this class!  In addition to baking a sweet treat, we will move and make noise like the monkeys do, discovering how they get around and what makes them different from apes.   

Mar 7-9: Turtle Time

Let’s talk about turtles!  In this class we’ll bake some buns to become our turtle shells and build a delicious cold meat sandwich with cucumber arms, legs, and head to complete our turtle snack.

Mar 21-23: Creepy Crawly Cookies 

After today, you will discover there is nothing creepy about these crawly cookies!  As we learn about what makes an insect, we will use candies and frosting to piece together bugs of our own creations.  

Apr 4-6: Frog Float 

This ice cream soda treat will be complete with large marshmallow eyes and a long red licorice tongue.  Slurp down this yummy dessert and learn all about frog calls, catching bugs, and leaping lengthy distances!  

Apr 18-20: Peek-a-boo Eggs 

Today we will transform a doubled egg into a peeping chick and a tasty cheese ball into a hatched chick.  And throughout the process, we will discover how chicks grow up….starting inside the egg until finally entering a bright new world. 

Classes fill quickly, so don’t forget to register early! 

Click here to register!

All sales are final. No refunds will be offered unless class is cancelled due to low enrollment. Rescheduling depends on class availability, rescheduling fees may apply.

If you have any questions regarding classes or would like to be added to a waiting list for a class that is full, please email or call 515-974-2588.

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