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Open 9a-5p, last admission 4p

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Open 9a-5p, last admission 4p

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Scout Troop Programs

Is your scout troop working on a badge the Zoo could help with? Or maybe your looking for a fun field trip.  Blank Park Zoo can help provide a fun and educational experience for all scout troops.

Field Trips

Bring your whole scout troop to the Zoo at a reduced rate. 

Group rates are $5 per child and $9 per adults.

Field Trip With A Keeper Chat

Bring your troop to the Zoo and hear from one of the zoo keepers in front of an exhibit!  Spend up to 20 minutes learning about what keepers do each day to care for all the different animals here at the Zoo!  

Each Keeper Chat is $20.

Field Trip With Animal Program

During your trip an educator will come teach about some of the different ambassador animals that travel to classrooms and libraries all across the state.  We can even make the program specific to a badge or theme.  We can tailor programs to focus on pet care, endangered animals, habitats, and more. The animal program lasts a half hour, leaving plenty of time to see the rest of the Zoo.  

Cost is $50 plus group rate admission.

Animal Program With Additional Activities

Let us know what your group would like to learn about and we can create fun educational activities just for them!  In addition to your animal program you may add on extra activities in half hour increments. 

Each half hour of programming is $50. 

*This does not include admission to the zoo. 

Night Programming

Enjoy a night of programming at the zoo including an animal visit and other fun games and activities. Start time can be from 5:30-6 pm with an end time as late as 8:30-9 pm. You may upgrade to a pizza party for an additional fee ($14 per pizza added).  Night programming is $15 per child with 1 free adult for every 7 children, additional adults are $10.  (Minimum fee of $100 for night programming). 

Click here to book your scout troop program online.

If you have questions or would like to book your scout program by phone, you can contact Julia Bingham at 515-974-2566 or by email at .

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