Blank Park Zoo
Blank Park Zoo

Should we wear costumes?

Costumes are not required but are encouraged! Please note that balloons & full-face masks are not allowed for the safety of the animals. 


  • Full face masks are not permitted to promote the family friendly aspect of this event.
  • For the safety of the animals, balloons of any kind, plastic lids, straws, glass containers or alcoholic beverages will not be allowed inside Blank Park Zoo. 
  • Radios, skateboards, roller skates, Frisbees, bicycles and other sports equipment will not be allowed. No noise makers (including horns) and laser pointers.
  • No hazardous materials or any materials that will involve clean up or damage will be allowed. This includes any liquids, confetti, silly string, etc.
  • Do not tease or scare any animals - guests will be promptly asked to leave. This includes, but not limited to: making noises at, running at, or jumping at the animals.
  • All weapons (real and costume props) are prohibited on Zoo grounds.

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