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Applying admission & membership discounts

How can I apply my Zoo admission to my membership cost?

Within 7 days of your visit and with a copy of your receipt, please visit the Zoo’s membership desk or call our hotline number, 515-974-2600, to apply your Zoo admission to the cost of a membership.

Please note that the number of admission tickets applied to the cost of the membership is restricted by the type of membership purchased. For example, only two admission tickets can be applied to an individual plus membership.

Can I apply my admission from Living History Farms or Science Center of Iowa?

For Zoo only memberships, we cannot apply admission from LHF or SCI.

If you are purchasing a Combo or TRI membership, we can apply the admission from the organization you visited within 7 days of your visit and with a copy of your receipt.

For Combo memberships, we can only apply the admission from the organizations you will be purchasing a membership for.

Does the Zoo have discounted memberships?

 The Zoo offers early renewal, corporate partner, and military membership discounts for Zoo only memberships. These discounts cannot be combined and are not valid with any other offer. For information on these discounts, visit the membership desk or call 515-974-2600.

We cannot apply discounts to Combo or TRI memberships because they are already discounted.

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