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General Membership Information

How long is my membership active?

Your membership expires at the end of the month the year after you purchase it. For example, if you purchase your membership on June 4th of 2019, it expires the last day of June the following year.

Remember: Renewing early does not mean you lose time on your membership.

Why do I need to show my ID when checking in?

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on membership and attendance for support. This means that we must prevent the misuse of our membership cards and be sure the cards are being used by their rightful owner. This also protects our members if the cards are lost or stolen.

What are Member Mondays?

Member Mondays are an exciting way to bring your friends to the Zoo! On Mondays, members are allowed one additional free guest, even if there are no guest passes on their membership, i.e. a Family Membership.

The train is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, and on Monday during this season all members and guests receive one free train ride while it’s running.

***The train does not run during rainy days or when the track is wet for safety purposes.

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