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Membership Cards

When will I receive my membership card(s)?

Your membership card(s) can take between one to three weeks depending on the time of year. The card(s) will be mailed to the designated address. If you purchased your membership online, you may print out a temporary card. When attending the Zoo, be sure to have this temporary card OR proof of purchase and an ID if your permanent card(s) have not yet arrived.

Note: Only the adults listed as “cardholders” will receive a card, so one adult listed means only one card is issued.

How can I get new membership cards?

If the Zoo made a mistake on your card(s), return them to the membership desk, and we will send you replacement(s).

If your card is lost or stolen, or you need to change any personal information such as a name, there will be a replacement fee of $3 for one new card, and $5 for two new cards.

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