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Daily Adventures

September Weekend Schedule (subject to change)

10:45 Penguin-feeding demonstration

11:00 Feed a Giraffe

11:00 Dive Chat - (Saturday only) keeper chat with an aquarist at the coral reef aquarium

11:30 Seal & Sea Lion - feeding/training demonstration (except Tuesday)

1:00   Feed a Giraffe

1:30   Otter - zookeeper talk

2:00   Giraffe - training demonstration (Saturday)

2:30   Japanese Macaque - zookeeper talk 

2:30   Aldabra Tortoise - zookeeper talk / training demonstration

2:45   Penguin - feeding demonstration 

3:00   Cinereous Vulture - training demonstration (Sunday)

3:00   Feed a Giraffe

3:15   Seal & Sea Lion - feeding/training demonstration

Train Rides - ride from Australia to Africa without leaving Iowa.
Tickets - $2.50, $2 per member
(children ages 10 & under must be accompanied by a paying adult).

Critter Corner Animal Encounter  - see, touch and learn with amazing critters.

Random Keeper Chats- the Zoo’s knowledgeable animal keeper staff would be happy to answer any animal-related questions you have. Feel free to ask!

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