Blank Park Zoo
Blank Park Zoo

Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
$16 adults, $10 children

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Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
$16 adults, $10 children

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Open and Closed Exhibits

Weather, minor maintenance or animal health issues may cause a change from day to day, so if you are coming to see a specific animal, please call 515-974-2501 in advance to verify.

Please note: during times when heat advisories are in effect, some animals and guest experiences may not be available.

The following exhibits are generally open everyday:

Aldabra Tortoises (indoor viewing available)
Amur Tiger
Duiker (weather permitting)

Giraffe (indoor viewing available)
Japanese Macaques
Kids' Kingdom

Lemurs (weather permitting)
Nyala (weather permitting)
Okapi (weather permitting)
Penguins (indoor viewing available)
Red River Hogs (weather permitting)
Rhinos (outdoor exhibit viewing on warm days)
Seals/Sea Lions
Train Ride
Safari Grill - Open weekends
Gift Shop

The following exhibits/attractions are closed:

African Aviary (unavailable due to precautionary measures)
Australian Aviary (unavailable due to precautionary measures)
Bald Eagles (unavailable due to precautionary measures)
Critter Corner
Discovery Center (final admission 30 minutes before close.) (unavailable due to precautionary measures)

Flamingos (unavailable due to precautionary measures)
Koi Feeding
Kori Bustards (unavailable due to precautionary measures)
Face Painting / Glitter Tattoos - closed for the season
Giraffe Feeding - closed for the season
Parakeet Feeding - closed for the season (unavailable due to precautionary measures)
GoGo Plaza

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