Blank Park Zoo
Blank Park Zoo

Rental Spaces

Discovery Center 
The Discovery Center is made up of smaller breakout rooms – Tamarin, Palm, Waterfall. Regardless of which room or room expansion, you will have a full view of our indoor exhibits. With the options to customize the size of the rented space, the Discovery Center is perfect for small gatherings or large dinner parties. 

With built in speakers and close access to the carousel and monkeys, the Pavilion is a perfect location for any event. The pavilion can seat up to 140 people. 

Holmes Foster Event Center
The Holmes Foster Event Center is a large blank canvas that guests can transform to fit the style of the event. With seating for up to 300, it is the perfect space for large company outings, fundraisers or dances. 

The Aquarium is a perfect setting for a small cocktail hour or an added bonus of touring the indoor exhibits. 

African Pavilion
The African Pavilion is a unique setting for a smaller event that is up close and personal with the giraffe. 

Sea Lion Deck
Host your event at the Sea Lion Deck in the center of the zoo.

Full Zoo Rental 
Rent the zoo after hours exclusively for your guests. 


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