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Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Animal Wish Lists

From measuring cups to toys and bowls, Blank Park Zoo animals would love to get a gift this year!  See below for specific area wish lists and click the links for more details on specific items.  If you have questions or would like to donate an item, call Maddy Walter in the Blank Park Zoo Administrative Office at 515-974-2560.

Please send gifts to: 

Blank Park Zoo
ATTN: Maddy Walter
7401 SW 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50315

Be sure to mark the item as a gift and include your information for recognition purposes.

Area Wish Lists

Large Mammals

Wubba Mega

Jumbo Holee Roller

Bob a Lot

Bubbles & Bubble Machine

Fiskars Folding Saw

Indestructible Ball

Training Whistle

Non-toxic Paint

Disco Ball

Hay Rack

Rubbermaid Cart

Slow Feeder


Weeto (for red river hogs)

Electric Pole Saw

Dried Banana Chips

Stall Snack Holder

Snack Refill

Traffic Cone

Stump Feeder

Scratching Brush

Hay Ball

Mega Ball for Zebra

Carabiners to Hang Enrichment

Hose Mister

Hole Saw

PVC End Caps

PVC Threaded End 3 Inch


Cube Storage for Giraffe Enrichment Project


Carnivore / Primates

Synthetic Urine - From any hunting supply store - Lions, Tigers, Otters

Cooking Extract - Any Flavor - Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguin, Seals, Sea Lions

Food Coloring - Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguin, Seals, Sea Lions

Pet Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder,6 Meals a Day Food Dispenser with Distribution Alarms,Programmable Timer,Portion Control,Voice Recorder,4 L - Otters

Food Cube Feeder - $14.99 - Lemurs, Gibbons, Otters

Treat Box - $28.95 - Lemurs, Gibbons, Otters

Portable CD Player - $29.72 -  Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguin, Seals, Sea Lions

Honeycomb Feeder - $122 - Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguin, Seals, Sea Lions

Klinker Balls - $8.95 - Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguins

Stainless Steel Bell - $11.50 - Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons

Carabiner Clips - $10.98 - Used to hang various enrichments

Kong Wobbler - Otters, Lemurs, Gibbongs, Penguins

Powdered Goats Milk - $11.48 - Lions, Tigers

Birddown training scents - $12.99 - Lions, Tigers, Otters

Spices (Cinnamon, rosemary, sage, mint, oregano, basil, lavender, liquid smoke, decaf coffee, catnip) - Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons

Unflavored Gelatin (1lb or 5lb) - Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguins, Seals, Sea Lions

Plastic Spray Bottles - Used to dilute any cooking extract and make them sprayable

Bubbles - Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguin, Seals, Sea Lions

Bubble Machine - Lions, Tigers, Otters, Lemurs, Gibbons, Penguin, Seals, Sea Lions


Avian / Reptile

Primos Scarface Decoy - $126.02

Push and Pull Bird Toy - $9.99

Stainless Steel Fruit Skewer - $11.99

Bird Kabob - $13.00

Dura Mirror with Chain - $29.99

Mirror with Swivel - $23.95

Granite Stone Hide-Away 5" - $19.40

Large Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout - $4.06

Hornbill Forager - $185.00

Medium Duty 14"x6" Round House - $52.00

Double Ended Bolt Snaps (Stainless Steel)

Vine Ball 8cm (for parakeets and eclectus) - No Limit

LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants (to grow grass for tortoises in winter)

Treat Dispensing Ball


Small Mammals

WestPaw Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Toy (Large) - $19.95 - macaques, red pandas, tamarins

Shires Ball Feeder - $29.43 - macaques, goats, llamas, pig, donkey

Slow Feed Happy Hay Ball - $64.99 - macaques, goats, llamas, pig, donkey

Hanging Treat Rattle - $20.95 - macaques, tamarins

Catit Hagen Treat Ball - $4.49 - tamarins, red pandas, wallabies, prairie dogs

All For Paws Interactive Puzzle Feeder - $26.99 - tamarins, red pandas, wallabies

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Dog Toy - $10.95 - red pandas, wallabies, prairie dogs, tamarins

Scirokko Dog Puzzle Toy - $19.99 - red pandas, wallabies, tamarins

Stainless Steel Mirror - $5.50 - any animal in department

Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder - $9.99 - tamarins

Hummingbird Feeder - $15.99 - tamarins, bats

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite - $30

Google Nest Camera - red pandas

Scale - wallabies

Food Dishes - red panda, tamarin

Bob a Lot - Kids Kingdom

Mini Fridge

Rocky Lou

Hay Buddy - donkey


Brain Teaser Feeder - macaques

Amazon Gift Card in any amount



Exhibit Lights - $134.95

Gift Card to Josh’s Frogs

Clams on the Half Shell - $11.49

Live Black Worms – Price based on LBS

Seaweed Sheets - $11.62

Jebao SOW15 Wave Maker Flow Pump with Controller for Marine Reef Aquarium

Aquarium Jebao CP-25 /CP-40 Series Cross Flow Pump Wavemaker Controller

Coralife Super Protein Skimmer with Pump

Kent Scraper blades

100W-500W Heaters

Power Supply Hydra 52 Coral lights

Amazon, Marine Depot, Josh’s Frogs, Menards, Petsmart, or Petco Giftcards



Fruit Skewers 

Rope Perches

Bird perch (medium or xl)

Bird perch

Bird perch

Exercise pens for programs

Exercise pen for programs

Exercise wheels (any size)

Boomer Ball

Nocturnal Camera

Small Mammal Hammock

Small Mammal Hammock

Small Mammal Hammock

Puzzle feeder

Puzzle feeder

Puzzle feeder

Treat pouches for training

Artificial grass for enclosures 1

Artificial grass for enclosures 2

Mats for enclosure floors

Temperature gauges for reptile enclosures 1

Temperature gauges for reptile enclosures 2

Overnight monitors 1

Overnight monitors 2

Overnight monitors 3

Animal hides 1

Animal hides 2

Animal hides 3

Artificial plants for reptiles/amphibians 1

Artificial plants for reptiles/amphibians 2

Artificial plants for reptiles/amphibians 3

Artificial plants for reptiles/amphibians 4

Artificial plants for reptiles/amphibians 5



Chef's knife -8"- $32.11

Slicing Knife - $18.08

Rubbermaid Roughneck - $18.28

Sign holders - used to post diets for the animals

Measuring cups (microwave safe)

Measuring cups (strong/metal)

Dry erase markers

Electric knife sharpener

Professional blender (example 1, example 2)

Rubbermaid roughneck totes

DeWalt shelving units

Muscle rack shelving units

Food Items - Peanut Butter (plain & crunchy), Chex cereal, Cheerios, whole grain pasta


Zoo-wide Items

ZooMed 10.0 and 5.0 UVB lights 1

ZooMed 10.0 and 5.0 UVB lights 2

3M doodlebug head

White pads used by Aquatics & Carnivores - all aquariums & underwater viewing

Brown pads used for cleaning in most buildings

3M Yellow sponges - used in all areas (especially animal food prep areas) for disinfection

Scotch-Brite HeavyDuty Scrub sponges - used in all areas for cleaning

Foaming sprayer - used in all animal areas for disinfection

24 In. X 36 In. Folding Platform Truck - for moving crates and feed

Garden cart with removable sides

Carlisle floor squeegee

Shrub rake with plastic head

Flexilla 3/4in heavy duty hose

Sphagnum Moss for amphibians and reptiles

ZooMed Forest floor

ZooMed Reptibark

ZooMed Compressed coconut fiber

ZooMed UVB 10.0

ZooMed UVB 5.0

ZooMed temp/humidity gauge

ZooMed reptiSand

ZooMed clamp lamp

Flukers clamp lamp

Jennings Ship 332

Jennings Ship 130

Small scale (small diets for ed animals, tamarins, lemurs, gibbons)

Small scale (pinniped fish prep, cat meat prep)

Rubbermaid Brute Barrel - must be grey (any size), yellow (any size, prefer larger sizes) or red  (32 gal, 44 gal, 55 gal)

Matching Rubbermaid lids

Professional Wood Block Deck Scrub Brush

Professional Deck Scrub Brush

Jobsite 24 in. Multi-Surface Fiberglass Push Broom

Libman 10" Deck/Floor Scrub Brush

Steel Toe rubber boots - all sizes (Mens 7 - 12) - Option 1

Steel Toe rubber boots - all sizes (Mens 7 - 12) - Option 2

Steel Toe rubber boots - all sizes (Mens 7 - 12) - Option 3

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