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Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Animal Care Volunteers

Looking to gain experience in animal care?  Animal care assistants help keeper and education staff with the daily chores involved with our animals.  Volunteers must be able to clean, sweep, hose, cut up diets, lift heavy loads and follow specific directions. Opportunities are available in the mornings 7 days a week with the following teams: Ambassadors, Aquatics, Avian/Reptiles, Carnivore/Pinniped, Large Mammals, and Small Mammals.

Please Note: Volunteers are placed on a need by need basis and do not work directly with the animals.  Interest in these opportunities does not guarantee there is spot available, area managers determine the number of volunteers allowed to work in their area.


Assist ambassador animal care staff in the daily care of the education animals. This includes diet preparation, cleaning, disinfections, and enrichment. Dedicated volunteer that is willing to volunteer at least 3 Saturdays or Sundays out of the month


Aquatics area volunteers will assist keepers with daily duties associated with all aquatic animals. Volunteers must have interest in marine and freshwater aquarium animals. Species in the area include a variety of Indo-pacific and Atlantic tropical reef fishes and invertebrates, Amazonian fish, reptiles and amphibians, African cichlids, Pacific cold-water fish and invertebrates, and North American pond turtles.


We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic candidates to work around a wide variety of species and exhibits. Volunteers will gain experience in daily husbandry, exhibit upkeep, observations, enrichment and training for a diverse group of birds and reptiles. This includes 40+ species of birds and 6 species of reptiles.


Assist Carnivore-Pinniped keeper with preparing exhibits and cleaning the Pinniped, Penguin, Gibbon, and Lemur areas- picking up waste, hosing, vigorous scrubbing and disinfecting, and helping prepare diets. Additional duties may include preparing enrichment, observing and documenting animal behavior, interacting with zoo guests, maintaining public areas by raking, shoveling, cleaning windows, sweeping, and assisting keepers with special projects. Due to security issues, volunteers are not allowed within Great Cats section, and are not allowed to have direct contact with the animals in the carnivore/pinniped department.

Large Mammals & Small Mammals

Under direct supervision, assist keepers with preparing exhibits and cleaning barns - picking up waste, hosing, and disinfecting. Volunteers should be prepared to assist keepers in arduous physical activity. Additional duties may include preparing enrichment, interacting with zoo guests, and assisting keepers with special projects. Opportunities exist to observe animal training sessions.

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