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Open Daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Zoo Ambassadors


The Blank Park Zoo Ambassadors are a group of philanthropic individuals with a desire to promote the mission of the Blank Park Zoo throughout the State of Iowa. We strive to fund raise and plan Zoo events, participate in volunteer projects, and network and socialize with other like-minded professionals. As a premier support group, the Ambassadors are committed to conservation, education, recreation, and the future of Blank Park Zoo.

  • Ambassadors serve as advocates for the Blank Park Zoo in the central Iowa community and throughout the State of Iowa.
  • Ambassadors provide a fun and rewarding social experience, while promoting the advancement of the Blank Park Zoo.
  • Ambassadors enhance the Blank Park Zoo by participating in one activity each year for each area of the Zoo’s mission; education, recreation and conservation.
  • Ambassadors host one event each year with a goal of donor and member cultivation.
  • Ambassadors host one event each with a goal of fund raising for the Zoo.
  • The Ambassador Executive Committee members take an active role in the future of the Zoo by offering their input and ideas.

Past Projects:

Gators on the Green Annual Golf Tournament (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)"
Quarantine Building Bird Perching (2013)
Bald Eagle Exhibit Clean-Up (2013)
Lemur Exhibit Clean-Up & Adoption (2012)
Critter Corner (2012)
Gibbon Exhibit Clean-Up & Adoption (2011)
Animal Adventure Guide (2011)
Education Zoo Mobile (2010)


Join Us!

The Blank Park Zoo Ambassadors are always searching for new members! The Ambassadors meet once a month on Thursdays alternating between day and evening meetings and socials.  To learn more about the Ambassadors, or to become an active participant please contact or 515-974-2523

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